Idea: Hotel Hallway Volume Control

Wouldn’t it be niceĀ if, between certain
hours, hotel elevator doors wouldn’t
open until the passengers had lowered their
voices to an appropriate level. A noise
cancelling field in the walls could work,
too, but then how would we learn the simple
skill of letting each other sleep.
A voice activated tazer mount every
few yards of the hall sounds
good, but then, there’s all that
screaming, again.


Idea: Manicure Robots

I’ve been looking at the Roomba and Scooba robotic floor cleaners lately, and it occurred to me that we should invent little robots to manicure our nails. If the robotic floor cleaners can follow the confines of a floor, couldn’t robotic nail polishers follow the confines of a nail? And they’d be fun to watch too.