30-Day Tzitzit Challenge: Frayed

I am not wearing my tzitzit today. My previous blog, also posted today, will explain, in detail, why I am not wearing my tzitzit today.

But in case you want to skip the rant, I thought I’d post this shortened version.

I cannot pretend that these fringes are sacred when they represent so much that I think is corrupt and contemptible. Like the divided Kotel in Jerusalem, and the Chabad rabbis who won’t shake a woman’s hand, for me, the tzitzit represent blind adherence to halakhah. I can’t say what tzitzit represent for anyone else, on a personal level, but, for me, that’s what they represent.

And I reject blind adherence even when it is harmless. When it is harmful, degrading, or plain stupid, I condemn it. So, just like I refrained from approaching the Kotel, I think I’ll have to refrain from affixing the tzitzit to my clothes.


One thought on “30-Day Tzitzit Challenge: Frayed

  1. They don’t represent the ultra-orthodoxy to me, but rather an adherence to an ancient practice. I’m Conservative, raised Reform, and I think if it doesn’t speak to you, don’t do it. But tzitzit are a connection to our own prayer and God, not to others who practice differently, I think.

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