Tzitzit Challenge: A Helpful Lesson

I’m still not done tying my tzitzit for the 30-Day Tzitzit Challenge, but I’ve learned much from these little knots and wraps, already. I’ll try to share the lessons as the month of Kislev proceeds.

My first lesson was this. Get some help.

I tied my first three tzitzit by myself, by gosh, by golly. And boy was I proud. But, there isn’t much in my life that I’ve done all by myself, the help I’ve received in my life has been a great blessing to me.

Sometimes it seems like the Jewish people have stood strong and alone through may hardships. But, is that really true? We are taught to remember the righteous gentiles who helped to preserve us at great, unnecessary, risk to themselves. We are taught that to pray alone, only, is not enough. We grieve in public, within reach of the people who can help us find our way back into the world. We do very little, fully alone.

So, I’ve decided to represent my reliance on my family, my friends, my community, and a world of people whom I’ve never met, by finding someone to help me finish my last tzitzit. That last tzitzit reminds me that we are a world of communities, and I can take pride in my place as a helper and as one who has been helped.


2 thoughts on “Tzitzit Challenge: A Helpful Lesson

  1. Hi Supporters of the 30 day Tzitzi wearing. I have been hesitant to call it a challenge as that puts it as a conflict rather than a positive support. So far, I have only gotten glances and stares but no questions. Guess I need to wear it more obviously to more public places. Well,heading out to hike in the woods. We will see what the trees say. Thanks.

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