Wolves in the Whitehouse (and Other Places of Power)

Hypothesis: Powerful men seem to get away with sex crimes against women, almost all the time.

Theory: I wonder if we let the man in power get away with these acts of violence because we can’t get past the idea that we need to appease the man in power.

And why would we need to appease him? Maybe because we are trying to stay off his radar or because we are trying to get something out of him or because the next guy is bound to be much worse or because we like most of what this man in power does and we forgive as much of the other stuff as we can stomach. Unfortunately, our stomachs can develop a tolerance to just about anything if we add Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar’ to it.

And God help us if we allow these acts of aggression because we biologically desire or need the seed of the man in power to be spread widely to somehow enrich the evolution of our species because I don’t think that’s working. And, thereby we stub our toe on genocide. But I digress . . .

I think, though, my theory explains why I get so angry at people like John Edwards and Bill Clinton. Angrier at them than at dirtier crooks like Murdoch (whom I despise). I expect crap from the bad guys, but I wanted Bill Clinton’s intelligence and perseverance in the White House, and I wanted John Edwards’ commitment to the poor and to justice in the White House  (not to mention everything that Elizabeth, זייל, and Hilary would bring — oops I did). Damn those guys for being the wolves they were and betraying my admiration for them.

And maybe my theory explains why it’s so hard to get a woman elected to the White House, and why women seem to be terrifying in high places. We can’t figure out how to appease them. It might require honor and constancy to appease a woman, and that’s so much harder than simply allowing her to spread her seed and get away with it.

I tend to reject the idea that there are gender-based predispositions toward qualities like nurturing or peace-loving; so I am challenged to imagine whether or not women would turn into wolves if we put them in the White House and other seats of power. Is it the power and the sex that drives this issue or is it the gender? Neither answer appeases me.


One thought on “Wolves in the Whitehouse (and Other Places of Power)

  1. I like the venue and the ability (for you) to post less sound-bitish thoughts, and (for me) to ramble incoherently without hitting an upper character/word limit. I will have to try the FB linking as well. Thanks for the thoughts and the tech!

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