Capricious Bus and Stalwart Snow (January 2009)

Oh happy day! Shake off your gloom!
The snow has come! It’s time to zoom!

On sleds, on skis, on crickety knees.
On trays, on tubes, on boards . . . oh jeez!
Not on your brother, if you please!

Oh joyous day! Release the doves!
The snow has come! Let’s find the gloves!

Sweet trees, iced lawn, and street near gone;
Glazed cars, slick walks, slow bus . . . oh darn!
The bus just spoiled the hill we’re on.

Oh spiteful bus! My soul doth smart!
The snow’s as fickle as love’s heart!

No keens, no palls, no caterwauls.
No moans, no cries, no whines . . . great squalls!
No need to grieve: the snow still falls.


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