So Much Fun I Forgot To Blog . . .

Two days of sledding and I’m still not tired of the snow! The sunshine, on the other hand, is getting on my optic nerves; but, when there’s sledding to be had, I laugh at aggravation! Ha! Ow! Where are my shades? Ha!

So, because I had posted Faux Magic, the Gathering cards when it didn’t snow, I thought I should post the ones I created when it did snow. The first night of our snowstorm — that’s what we call 4 to 10 inches in North Carolina — several intrepid Magic players gathered to welcome the newest set of Magic cards. I had hoped to go with my kids, but I’m not that intrepid when it comes to slick roads, bad visibility, and North Carolina drivers (of which I am one).

So, with a little bitterness, but mostly in the spirit of good will, I made upĀ  two faux Magic cards for the players who thought snow tires and sleeping bags would be enough to protect them — which by the way, was quite sufficient for the 20 or so people who showed up at the first two events.

For you Magic players, here are the cards:

Snow Tire 1WU
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Artifact

Enchanted artifact has protection
from snow and ice.

Enchanted artifact still has no hope of avoiding
a collision with North Carolina drivers.

Skidding out of control on icy roads toward a
solid object is a decidedly unpleasant event.
–Neil Dunlop,

. . . AND . . .

Donner Pass

Donner Pass enters the battlefield hungry.

TAP: Add one random body part to the stew pot.
2WUBRG TAP: Remove your body parts from the game until end of turn.

My kids and I made it to the Sunday event, much to our delight — and, still, there’s no school today. It’s like my birthday and my other birthday all rolled into one! But I digress . . .


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