Magic Mom Lady Cards No. 2

Here in Chapel Hill, we’re surrounded by people who got enough snow to justify those mugs of hot chocolate and bowls of homemade soup I had prepped for. I was so careful: I noted that it didn’t smell like snow;, I failed to unearth our sleds and shovels from beneath the summer sediment of lawn mower grass catchers and crippled bicycles and bungy cords and such detritus as collects in drifts in on our property; and I even left the extra gallon of milk on the shelf at Harris Teeter. I had done everything I could to insure a sleddable snowfall . . . except . . . I backed out of our family Chanukah party at my 82-year-old mother’s apartment because the weather was getting worse by the minute.

Cue the FAILBUZZER! What was I thinking?!

This morning I was awakened by Tweets and Facebook posts about the snow EVERY-FREAKING-WHERE-BUT-HERE! Here it looks like Mrs. Haversham’s wedding reception with damp birds hopping around drab pimples of nearly transparent snow. Very, very sad.

But it does inspire me to create a new MML Card:

Dashing Through the Hopes
Tribal Sorcery – Curmudgeon
For absolutely no manna AT ALL:
When something doesn’t happen, X target lands that you control only produce colorless manna for X turns where X equals the number of things you did to insure that something did happen.

If you’re willing to play that card, you’re more optimistic than a Disney princess just before the villain’s minions unveil their evil to-do lists.

Stay tuned for Mrs. Havisham’s Wedding Reception . . . Right now, I gotta go play Magic in Durham, where, rumor has it, they actually got enough snow to shovel.


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